Saturday, November 15, 2014

Biological Blues

Sleepy eyed and weary
Foxy, sly and dreary
Triplicate moondrops outside
Upon my table plopping
Simple sudden smack shots
Reds and yellows popping
Interstellar spaceman
Living in a tin can
Passing through a time uncertain
Living in a room with curtains
Simplified and undetected
The worse for wear and now defected

Monday, November 10, 2014

Mouse and Cat

Hickory tickory tat
Outside with the mouse and the cat
Who went to get high
And then by and by
Upon their fat asses they sat

Hickory tickory tat
The police caught up with the cat
For he'd earned quite a name
While dealing cocaine
And the mouse was really a rat

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Secondhand Daydreams

In a roomful of blues
And a touch of light feeling
Awoke to a kiss
And a leaky blue ceiling

In a corner far removed
I heard a mouse snore
And his song sang a rhythm
Better than before

From a closet out of sight
Strode a giant and he roared
Lest you think the contrary
Its better than before

Though so very real they are
So lively and with feeling
They quickly fade as sight and sound
Mere shadows on the ceiling

Lost in Loco

Singletary solitary
Ever changing
Never varies
Simple toe jam
Round the merry
Never changing
Ever varies
Jerk down sweetness
Lime pole dairy
Fatback peakless
Child be wary
Roll tide smoothly
Clever rogue name
Sometimes unruly
Never the same

Bei Ji Xing

In the morning, I look to the east
Because that is where my light is.

In the evening, I look to the west
Because she is waking there.

Everyday, I see heaven and earth
Because the wind whispers her name.